week 3 lang.




Japanese (red)(godzilla head)-iku- go measure a scary monster with its eeek,Q

Mandarin (orange)(dragon head)-zou- dragon go eat a zebra, it was like zow

Portuguese (yellow)(wine cork)-vai- go get steve vai wine corks

Spanish (green)(taco cheese)-ir- don’t go and eat there. they have ear cheese tacos

french (blue)(crepes toppings)-aller- if crepes were A LURE. i would go for the toppings

Italian (indigo)(pisa top)-partier- go to the top of pisa tower it’s made of part ear

German (violet)(beer foam)-gehen- I am goku and this beer foam is gehen

sign (black)- 2 fingers point forward

Russian (gray)(bear)-idti- go get em ET the circus grey bear

Hindi (white)(cop)--


photo by:  Hisu lee

photo by:Hisu lee


Japanese (red)(godzilla body)-tsuma- godzilla body slams your wife like a SUMA wrestler.

Mandarin (orange)(dragon wings)-qizi-my wife likes the CHEese winged dragon at the ZOO.

Portuguese (yellow)(wine)-esposa- my e spouse a or wifu, likes the wine

Spanish (green)(taco)-esposa- my wifu or e spouse a needs a taco

french (blue)(crepe)-femme- when i get crepes all the girls come by. now when i get crepes im like FEM ME. now i have a wife.

Italian (indigo)(pisa middle)-moglie- my wife is angry at pisa she needs moe yay and less middle fingers.

German (violet)(beer)-ehefrau- eeyafrow when my wife drinks she is scared of sad people, “EEY A FROWn”

sign (black)- fist up to hand clasp

Russian (gray)(unicycle)-zhena- Is your wife happy with you? “SHE..NA”

Hindi (white)(robber)--



Japanese (red)(godzilla tail)-otokonoko- godzilla fights tokyo with his tail cities like, “OH TOKyO NO KO”

Mandarin (orange)(dragon tail)-nanhai- Im watching dragon tails…i am NOW HI

Portuguese (yellow)(wine bottle)-garoto- boy drank the whole wine bottle and a GARR bit his Ol TOE

Spanish (green)(taco shell)-niño-boy this taco is good its a NEEN out of ten YO

french (blue)(crepe plate)-garcon-my boy is a fish. he’s my garr son

Italian (indigo)(pisa bottom)-ragazzo-the bottom tower of pisa now have a RAG AT ZOO

German (violet)(beer mug)-garoto- boy drinks like a fish GARR OTO be in that mug

sign (black)- crab claw your eyebrow

Russian (gray)(ball)-mal’chik-hey boy get off that ball. that’s not your boy that’s MY CHICK

Hindi (white)(jail)--