week 3 lang.




Japanese (red)(ninja hood)-hea- Link fighting ninja, power attack.heeya

Mandarin (orange)(samurai helm)-Tóufa- TOE shaped helm, shoot FArts

Portuguese (yellow)(goose beak)-cabelo- yellow beak shaped cab jello

Spanish (green)(brick)-pelo- green brick with pale ol’ hairs

french (blue)(effie top)-cheveux- shave oof the towers hair

Italian (indigo)(pizza meat)-capelli- meat cap has ellen D.’s hair in it

German (violet)(brat cheese)-Haar- HA you got hair in your cheese

sign (black)- pull one hair from your head

Russian (gray)(potato)-volosy- change potato to voka at max VOLOCIty

Hindi (white)(change)-



Japanese (red)(ninja sword)-Ai- ninja stabs you in the red eye

Mandarin (orange)(samurai armor)-Ài- “body armor” made from an eye

Portuguese (yellow)(goose neck)-amor- how long should a goose neck be god,” uuhhh moor”

Spanish (green)(wall)-amor- how long should this wall be? uhh moor

french (blue)(effie middle)-amour- How tall should this tower be uhh moor

Italian (indigo)(pizza cheese)-amore- how much cheese should I put on this pizza? uhh moor

German (violet)(brat)-Liebe- this brat is made from french sheep they say, “le baa”

sign (black)- arms crossed like a pharo

Russian (gray)(vodka)-lyubit'- russians love beets but cant make voka from them

Hindi (white)(bills)-



Japanese (red)(ninja stars)-Dotchi- he throws those stars like a witch & dot your chi

Mandarin (orange)(samurai sword)-Na yigè- which sword? NA wEE use GOO

Portuguese (yellow)(goose feet)-qual- a goose with QUAIL feet?

Spanish (green)(house)-cual- I didn’t want a QUAIL shaped house

french (blue)(effie bottom)-lequel- I destroyed that bathroom “lou kill”

Italian (indigo)(pizza crust)-lequel- come on finish that pizza LA KILL it

German (violet)(brat bun)-welche- dint hide the bun in the violet VASE. SHARE

sign (black)- thumb cha cha

Russian (gray)(shots)-kotoryy- Shots is the new CATagORAY

Hindi (white)(bank)-