week 1 lang.


photo by:  The Roaming Platypus     ex: atlantis

photo by:The Roaming Platypus

ex: atlantis



Japanese (red)(robot head)-shiti- the robot is shitifaced

Mandarin (orange)(peel)-Shì- she got too much sun, now she’s peeling

Portuguese (yellow)(board)-cidade- sea dade =zombie dad surfer

Spanish (green)(bud)-ciudad- see dad he’s a farmer

french (blue)(chain)-ville- spawn fighting villeins with chains

Italian (indigo)(meatball)-città- traditional meatball seata

German (violet)(barrel)-stadt- wonka, "violet being shot out of a cannon she needs help stat”

sign (black)(black hole)- your hands make a roof, move them over and roof again

Russian (gray)(rocket)-gorod- what, is that glow rod in the sky? russian, “no it’s a go rod”

Hindi (white)(stick)--


Japanese (red)(robot body)-ie- iyeee that cajon body popin like budan

Mandarin (orange)(orange)-Méiyou- may and you go catch pokemon

Portuguese (yellow)(water)-não- no water no surfing

Spanish (green)(stem)-no- no stems please

french (blue)(seat)-non- it’s a non sitting toilet. its a urinal

Italian (indigo)(sauce)-no- this is not spaghetti it has no souse

German (violet)(tank)-nein- we have nine tanks

sign (black)(event horizon)-

Russian (gray)(satellite)-net- we win the space race with space net

Hindi (white)(gun)-no-



Japanese (red)(robot legs)-oyogu- british robot, “oye my legs are deep in yo goo”

Mandarin (orange)(juice)-Yóuyong- freshest juice to keep you young

Portuguese (yellow)(sand)-nadar- bring the desatin the sand has nad radar

Spanish (green)(seed)-nadar- that ball went right for the seed pouch it must have nad radar too

french (blue)(water)-nager- you complain there is no water in the toilet you’re such a nagger

Italian (indigo)(noodle)-nuotare- my noodles are too small and have new tares

German (violet)(tread)-schwimmin- get shwifty swimming

sign (black)(white hole)- pretend to do a small breast stroke

Russian (gray)(moon)-poplovat- Russian mob, '“pop him in that vat”

Hindi (white)(nuke)--