week 0 lang.

to start the year i have chosen 100 common words that follow the poa system. at this point you should have a memory palace with 10 rooms each with 10 anchors. at 10 words a month we should make 100 words by the end of the year. by the end of the month the 10 words should be in long term memory and ready to either reuse the palace or ready to make another.

our word for this week:




[R:1] Japanese (red)(steps)- Hai -Hey be careful the steps are very high

[R:2] Mandarin (orange)(rug)- Shì - the rug is shaped like a shi-tzu

[R:3] Portuguese (yellow)(table)- sim - the SIM-psons are playing on the smart table.

[R:4] Spanish (green)(hallway)- - the hallway is flooded by the green sea.

[R:5] french (blue)(tub)- Oui - don’t wee in our tub

[R:6] Italian (indigo)(bed)- sì - see the indigo children jumping on the bed

[R:7] German (violet)(computer)- Ja - working on the computer is my JOb

[R:8] sign (black)(shower)- your fist is a head “nod” at the wrist 2 times

[R:9] Russian (gray)(washer)-da - “hey DA wash your own cloths”

[R:10] English (white)(fridge)-Yes - ya, sure, ok, why not