With all the projects I want to be a part of, finding the best software is a must. I know the struggle in dealing with an almost non-existent budget. so I will try to find as many free/cheap programs as possible.

photo by :   Sereja Ris

photo by :Sereja Ris


  • msi afterburner- (OSD) on screen display of vital PC info and live performance data.

  • fraps- monitor (FPS) with built in screenshot at key press. also includes audio and video capture from 1-120 fps at 7680x4800 res

  • Razer Cortex- frees up ram from unused apps for optimized gaming and restores it to original state after gaming. also shows best price for games among many gaming platforms.

  • geforce experience- for geforce graphix cards keeps drivers up to date. allows shadowcapture for low overhead streaming and 360 in game photos.

Controller mappers

  • x padder- allows you to map; keyboard keys, mouse button, pointer to joystick, button combos; to controller buttons Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP

  • UCR- universal controller remapper low draw plugin creater, with multi profiles.

  • x360ce- allows you to use single-axis at directon imput (use steering wheel to run in gta)

  • joy2key-simple key mapper set up profiles what I use for my cabelas controller.

photo by:   Kamil S

photo by: Kamil S

photo by:   Noom Peerapong

photo by: Noom Peerapong

video EDITOR

  • handbreak- convert video to a usable format.

  • openshot- open source, easy to use, any# of layers, special effects, video/audio/images.

  • freemake video converter- download streams, usable on any platform, 500+ convert formats.

  • vlc player- personal favorite video player click and play almost any video format.

ANIMATION / image creator

  • gimp- great opensource image editor studio

  • inkscape- (bitmapping) creating geometry data from images for machining.

  • blender- one of the best free CG art programs

  • daz 3D- great for human form visual editing

  • anivr- great form scratch-import animation tool. inside vr

  • meshmaker- CG meshes

photo by:   Fancycrave

photo by: Fancycrave

photo by:   Artem Kim

photo by: Artem Kim


  • revive- mandatory for WMR headsets. vive port

  • vorpx- allows 360 view of almost any game

  • bigscreen- meetup and team up, social vr

  • steam- obviously use steam. great workshop community.




  • vr chat- become your favorite character, explore worlds, find friends, be mischievous.

  • working on destiny 2 in vr


  • kinect vr

  • driver4vr- easy to use free mocap with kinect v.1&2

  • fusion 4D- uses kinect v.2 allows interaction with objects.

  • kinect-openni-bvh-saver- automatic rigging allows multiple kinect connectivity for true 360 tracking.

  • ipisoft- free recorder and studio compatible with kinect v.1&2

photo by:   Tina Rataj-Berard


  • OBS- open source broadcasting software, fantastic cusomizability, probably the most used world wide.

  • Avermedia- built in streaming

  • steam- built in streaming

  • restream- fantastic 3rd party website. allows streaming to them and they disperse to all connected channels.

the others

photo by:   Esteban Trivelli
  • faast-(mocap) $80-90 beyond my purchasing power.

  • blenders rifify sdk plugin (kinect) rigging fun (mocap)

photo by":   Markus Spiske

photo by": Markus Spiske


  • unity- preferred over unreal, easier interface, more intuitive.

  • gaia- $80 procedural world creator. extension for unity (cool did not buy)