USING the memory palace technique to learn anything, and retain information for any purpose. This is also called method of loki, or roman room. I Plan to cover as much as i can as clearly as possible, and hopefully continue to learn everyday.


1-t/d 2-n 3-m 4-r 5-l 6-j/ch 7-c/k/g 8-f/v 9-p/b 10&0-s/soft c sounds all other letters are not used and skipped

various reason=40 402

Nuke town, my first memory palace used to learn pi

Nuke town, my first memory palace used to learn pi


house 1

the houses of nuke town each have five rooms, which between the two makes this a base ten system. three rooms on the bottom, two upstairs


house 2

the trick to this system uses the major method for encoding numbers into words that trigger an image in the mind, the sillier the better.

pi to 20 digits= 3.14153265358979323846

i imagine and image in each room of the house starting at the first decimal point. I them visualize going on a tour though the house never overlapping my path.

house 1: 14=door 15=tool 32=bun 65=jewel 35=mall

house 2: 89=fob 79=goop 32=moon 38=moof 46=arch

house 1

1: i imagine mr.t hitting a bad guy with a DOOR in the living room 2: i see a button in the kitchen that’s out of reach so I have to throw a TOOL at it. 3: in the garage I visualize a giant hamburger BUN. 4: upstairs a giant war is being fought over a giant JEWEL. 5: from the window in the room I can spot the MALL.

house 2:

6: chewbacca is unlocking the mallinium falcon with his key FOB. 7: the second kitchen is being over run with stinky GOOP. 8: the second garage is where I keep the MOON. 9: upstairs I have to run by a mob of italians all yelling at me calling me a MOOF. I finally make it through tho the finish line the last thing to do is run through the ARCH de triomphe.

this can be used for any house, building, path you may know. the human brain is extremely good at processing location data which is why this process works so good. you don’t have to use my model anything/place/path can be used. Think of your living room. think of the placement of doors, windows, and furniture that consistently stays in the same place. start from the center of the room and work your way around the room from an entry point always taking the same path around the room. If you can find ten things this base ten system can work for you. I recommend coming up with your own words, and stories as they will be far more memorable.

Want to learn the ALPHABET BACKWARDS

As I go threw the house the ZYXW i see xyz dragon cannon from yu-gi-oh being withdrawn so its backwards. VUT in the closet voldemort is uncasing a tuba to play it with his nose. SRQ I use my fiances little brothers room with srg. pepper’s lonely hearts club band, but all the characters are q-bert. down the hall is my fiances old room filled with pawns. every time a pawn is captured in chess it will teleport to this room. to me this represents PON. martin luther king is in the closet, easy enough, MLK. this parodies southpark with r kelly. JIH i imagine jimmy hendrix lighting a guitar on fire on my to be mother-in-laws bed. in the bathroom is my buddy geoffe just being himself chugging milos tea. this will be GFE. In the kitchen batman is cooking breakfast for all the DC characters. Lastly I am in the laundry room saying the alphabet backwards because i am a BAD ASS which is BA.

it took me about 10-15 min to come up with the lettering, but after saying it enough I don’t need to even go through the story. after you practice enough it becomes part of your long term memory, and accessible at any time.