LORDS of laughter


Danel Webstar

I was born with pneumonia in a janitors closet, brought to the mother, with head trauma already. 9lb 10oz. potato sack filled to the max with badassery. waffles are better than pancakes, controversy is controversial, and now i’m a WEBSTAR.

Robrit crunch

In the beginning there was the CRUNCH, and god put it on the back burner to start on a new project. It festered until it grew legs and could fend for itself with a quick wit and, a smart mouth. That crunchy ball of festerizer we now call ROBRIT.

Paw powaz

origin story eh? I was born in the depths of drama. Forged by curiosity, I began to shift towards the light but kept getting dragged down by the demons of despair. After years of struggle, comedy finally rang my diluted doorbell. NOW I HAVE THE POWAZ.

The Lord of laughter

inner voice, “That’s not funny, I shouldn’t laugh, what if it happens to me. Does this make me a terrible person?”

outer voice, “Hahahahahahahhahahh, oh my god!!!! Whhaaahahahhahhah”

sinner voice, “excellent…. not kick him while hes down.”