101 common used words.

I color code my rooms using Roy-g-biv & bgw

I do this so i can add an additional color reference.

  1. make a memory palace with 10 rooms 1 for each language.

  2. place 3 mental items. the items should reflect the language/culture

  3. the items should be able to be broken down into 3 sections

ex: Japan- red- porch steps 1

giant robot(head/body/legs) 3

ninja(hood/sword/Throwing Star) 3

Godzilla(head/body/tail) 3 =10 anchors x 10 rooms =100 words

when I run out of space and have memorized the first set of words practicing everyday. the words are now in long term memory and my anchors can be reused. you can also imagine your anchors battling.
ex: a shiti head robot, with a cajon apron, and goo legs vs. NEXT SET

week 0

yes, learning the method

week 1

city, no, swim

week 2

hair, love, which

week 3

go, wife, boy

week 4

days, date, town

week 5

time, water, tool