just getting back from the dominican republic, making my way through “news” and the happenings a few things pop on my radar.

photo by:   Immo Wegmann

photo by: Immo Wegmann

super blood wolf moon

jan. 20-21 9:36-2:48 eclipse peak @ 12:16

wolf moon, the first full moon on the year, will also be a super moon, or closer than usual. it will also be a blood moon. to top it all off an eclipse will occur.

the hole of russia

it’s been news for a while that a hole was drilled in a russian section of the international space station. whether it was done during manufacturing, or sabotage. the russians are like, “wheres my knife i’ll figure it out” I feel like the knife needs a space suit.


a new link to the past

ultimate fan boys are taking it to the next level. a couple revamps come to mind. zelda a link to the past revamp with crazy typologies, and ocarina of time is getting a makeover in unreal engine. it’s a beautiful time we live in.